A little over a week ago I released the THIRD single from my debut album "Further Than Forever" along with a new music video! I was able to work with Dale from Whaley Films once again and, as always, he did a fantastic job of capturing the heart of the song on camera. The video was shot on 3 main locations to represent the journey through country side, bush land and the beach. My very own border collie Cody, who some of you may already know, starred in the video and he did an amazing job on set! He may not…

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Earlier this month some rumours began floating around the internet that there is going to be a Mcleod's Daughters remake. Maybe you're not from Australia but McLeod's Daughters was basically one of the best Australian TV Drama Series of all time 🙌  During July, I was also able to do another shoot with Rachael Baskerville and it just so happened that the end result turned out be very "McLeod's" so I am calling it my unofficial audition for the next series 😂 

July has been a great month with many gigs! I was…

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with my friend Rachael Baskerville once again. Often Rachael and I will collaborate and organise photo shoots and scout various new locations. Towards the beginning of winter on the Sunshine Coast between Nambour and Mapleton, these yellow wildflowers begin to blossom. It is so spectacular to see them all as you climb the winding roads. What is even more unbelievable is that these flowers had only just begun to bloom and in the weeks following it became more…

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During the month of May, I travelled to Victoria for a few gigs with my dear friend Ryan Daykin. Ryan lives in Mansfield and it is the cutest country town ever! I want to move all my family and friends down there just so I can experience a real winter every year (and because I don't want to move away and leave them!). We travelled to Melbourne for the day where I finally got to explore RetroStar Vintage and pick up some awesome second-hand clothing which has been on my to-do list for a very long time.


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Photos by Rachael Baskerville

We are well into the new year now that it is the beginning of April. Holy crap! Where does time go! I thought it would be best to update you since the album launch and what I am currently looking forward to.

The album launch was a successful night and I was so thrilled to be able to perform with a band for the first time and in front of so many people that I love dearly. I especially have to thank my band Sharne, Robbie, Damian & Isaac for being there with me and to Rachael…

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